Friends of St Nicholas Church

History of the Group

This group of Friends was formed in 2012 as a result of the announcement that St Nicholas Church was in imminent danger of closure because of lack of support and the expense of necessary repairs.

Following two public meetings, a group of five ladies emerged who wanted to ensure that the beautiful and historic building should not fail but should be highlighted and saved for future generations. The members of the Friends were just ordinary villagers, some who attended Church regularly and some who had no religious persuasion. The common denominator was the fact that the Church was at the heart of our community and that it should be repaired, maintained and brought in to use not only as a Christian place of worship but also as an additional venue for all manner of village functions.

Fundraising and Social Events

Many and varied have been the fundraising events staged ranging from the traditional car boot sales, stalls at the Christmas village hall fairs, fashion shows, pie and pea suppers, choir concerts and the extremely popular three ‘Tea and Memories’ features where old village photographs and memorabilia have been displayed in church – these in conjunction with tombola stalls, bric-a-brac stalls and refreshments. Also the popular ‘mile of pennies’ fundraiser, which began in March 2016 is an ongoing fundraiser that everyone can take part in.  Save any loose change in the jars available from the Post Office. Once full return them to the Post Office to help with the restoration costs.

Annual Open Day

Our next event is the ANNUAL OPEN DAY on 1st JULY when there will be all the usual stalls, including bric-a-brac, tombola, raffle and, of course, the superb scones and cream for which we are famous!! There will also be another ‘Tea and Memories’ section where old photographs of village properties, people and weddings will be on view. ’Our Mile of Pennies’ feature which has been operating since March last year, has now reached the grand total of £1078 at a distance of 1540 yds! We only have to reach 1760 yds before the mile is complete and there will be lots of empty jars at the Open Day ready for you to take away and fill for us!!

You can also help us by registering with the Co-op Community Fund local cause where we can benefit to the sum of 1% when you buy Co-op branded products and services. Please go online at and make the Friends of St Nicholas Church your cause. Also do please make a note of the date of our Open Day and come along and support us – your efforts have carried us such a long way and now the end is almost in sight. Thank you for everything you have helped us with so far and please keep going!!

Mile of Pennies

27th June 2017 – Current total is £1078 which is 87.5% of a mile = 1540 yds (1408m).

We now need only £154 to complete the mile! Please collect and return your jar from/to the Post Office.

August 2016 Update

Through the support of the village and the local community, in August 2016 the total fund raised exceeded £25,000.00 – the sum needed to match-fund our application to the Heritage Lottery for the grant to start repairs to the church roof and, later, to the spire.

In May 2016 a bid was submitted to the Heritage Fund for a grant to undertake the work and in September 2016 the news was received that our bid had been successful. We were overjoyed at this announcement but know that we cannot rest on our laurels – there is much fundraising still to do because the Heritage Fund does not take account of installing a servery, a toilet, renewing the heating and establishing Wifi in the church where it is to be accessed by all.

Would you like to get involved?

We would appeal to you all, therefore, to keep supporting our efforts. If you can help in any way and suggest any new fundraising ideas, we would love to hear from you. Please telephone Annemarie Turner on 07984123545 who is the Project Lead in the Heritage project.  We know we have a long, long way to go before our project is finally finished but we are confident that with the support of the village, we can realise anything we set out achieve

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