Heritage Project

One of our own initial objectives was in respect of having a building that can be used for the community as well as religious events, this has now developed further with the Heritage Lottery Funding to creating a building that celebrates its own history and heritage and encourages others to learn about the building’s history.

St Nicholas Church is within 4 miles of the Historic England heritage site Thornton Abbey and unsurprisingly is rumoured to have links to the Abbey with architectural stones believed to be scattered around the village and also the possibility of the magnificent Rood Screen across the vestry possibily originating from the Abbey.

The village of Ulceby also is close to two former buildings of interest that were destroyed during the reformation, Nuncotham Abbey and Newsham Priory. It is also a possibility that stones from these two ancient monuments may be in the village.

We are very fortunate to have the support of Dr Glyn Coppack, BAPhD, archaeologist and former Inspector of Ancient Monuments. Glyn is an expert in Cistercian monasteries and has worked on Abbey’s and monasteries across the country.

Glyn will be working with us in the village to assist in identifying whether any stonework found in the village may be linked to the Church or local Abbey’s.

If you are interested in getting involved, or you think you have some interesting stonework in your garden, please email us on

Dr Glynn Coppack BA PhD, will examine all photos and see if ‘your stones’ help prove the link between Ulceby and Thornton Abbey. All those that show a link will be entered into the prize draw.

Closing date for entries 31 August 2017. The prize is a Celebration Family Hamper.

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